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Monday, August 4, 2008

Asshole behaviour in Glenmalure

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Rubbish left behind by those who appreciate nothing and dogshit left by thoughtless doggie heads.

The gang of skangers who left this behind must have been in the area for a number of hours which would indicate that whoever has the job of policing the area wasn't about.

This can be seen at the entrance to Carrawaystick Waterfall in a private area. Either the owner of the piece of ground has no pride or shame or else he is one of those begrudgers who hope that by allowing rubbish to pile up that it will deter visitors.

The no dogs sign means nothing to this idiot who was using his car to walk the shit machines.
My daughter had the 'pleasure' of another dog having a shit right where she was standing.

Two areas where cars were burned out. Two accidents? I don't think so.

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Michael said...

I'm an OAP. I often think I'm living in another planet to the one I grew up in.