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Friday, July 25, 2008

Photos of the bogs around Kildare Town

I got the job of driving this hopper turf machine for a couple of days and you can see by the lack of straight lines in the next photo that I need more practice.

These are rushes growing in a stream about a meter deep and in the center of the picture you can just see a huge daddy or mammy spider guarding what look like webs but, in fact, they are 'nests' of baby spiders.
Because the huge spider was located in the middle of the stream, I couldn't get close enough for a decent photo. It measured about 7cm from from tips of front legs to tips of back legs. If anyone can tell me more about this spider I would be grateful.

Here you can see the baby spiders defensively disperse when disturbed.

This is lichen growing among the heather. I think that it is related to Reindeer Lichen.

The white flowers are Common Cottongrass or Bog Cotton.

The above two photos are of nice little bog lakes.

Silver Birch can be found all over Ireland's bogs.

The plant in foreground is called Meadowsweet.

A little Same tractor with the huge wheels off a combine harvester.

The Old Bog Road...partly paved.

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