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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photos from last week of July 2008

A nice horse and carriage in Kildare Town.

A group of 'intellectuals' in our housing estate amused themselves yesterday evening by repeatedly throwing this child's bicycle from the roof of a shed.

Ruins of old convent near Castledermot.

A lovely hanging basket at a house near Castledermot.

I spent an hour following this baloon and this is as close as I got in the graveyard in Kilcullen.

This abominable practice is prevalent in our wonderful traveller community. I have seen these people racing the ponies and sulkys in heavy traffic while whipping the unfortunate animals. A delightful little culture.

Somebody had great fun lining up these round bales of hay near Kildare Town.

And here we are preparing more. Hope the weather stays fine.

A 'joke' Garda/Police car at Crookstown, Co. Kildare.

A nice pastoral scene at Sherrif Hill, Co. Kildare.

An old abandoned ruins at Marshalstown near Castledermot.

Sheep close to road on the Curragh Plains near Kildare Town. It's a common sight to see dead sheep as some drivers just don't want to slow down.

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