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Monday, April 21, 2008

Photos of Ireland (Part 2)

Laurel and Hardy, Tubberclair, Co. Westmeath
"Another fine mess"...Near Athlone.

Narrow road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Real useful information from Westmeath County Council.

Phone box damage, Moate, Co. Westmeath
"Intellectualism" at it's best...Moate, Co. Westmeath.

Cinnabar moth caterpillars, Lough Ree, Co. Westmeath
Caterpillars of the Cinnabar Moth eating Ragworth near Lough Ree.

Daisies at Lough Ree, Co. Westmeath
Ox-eye daisies beside Lough Ree.

An Irish cow
And here's the ox! An Irish cow.

Emo Court, Co. Laois
Wicker horse...Emo Court field Co. Laois.

Emo Court, Co. Laois
Emo Court House...Emo, Co. Laois.

Emo, Co. Laois
Relaxing in the sunshine...Emo field day

Emo Court
Who cut the rope? Tug-o-war Emo Court.

Emo Court
Shetland ponies...Emo Court.

Emo Court
Weaving away while the rest check out the 'bathroom'.

Emo Court
Lady Godiva with her clothes on...Emo Court.

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